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5 Ideas To Present A Stellar Argument For Academic

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If this thought has ever crossed your mind, then it's obvious that you're having trouble producing a flawless paper. Meanwhile, here are some ideas that the experts from these online assignment help service in Australia suggest students.


Carry out some background research


Select a compelling topic and conduct some background research. Check out what scholars and experts have to say about your chosen topic. Then, choose a perspective and use it as the focus for your academic paper. It’s much simpler to present your arguments when you believe what you’re writing and have sufficient facts to back it up with, opine the experts from online assignment services. In such circumstances, some of you may think, “I wish someone would help me with my assignment.”If you’re having trouble finding the right kind of evidence, look for a pattern in the research that you’ve carried out to check what information might support your claims.


Establish the main argument within your thesis


Include the particular ways you’ll present your argument in the thesis. One of the most crucial functions of the thesis statement is acting as a blueprint for your academic paper. You can prepare a clearly defined list of the points that you plan to establish through your argument. Don’t include any statistics or facts, but sum up the main claims to outline paper structure.Once your reader goes through the introduction, they should know the "what" and "why" of your argument, and also the "how." If you seek any sorts of assistance, you can go for assignment help experts.


Structure your argument well


Guide your readers through your argument in a logical manner. Ponder over what questions your reader might have regarding your topic. If you can answer these questions through your argument, it will come across as more convincing.You can then shift your focus and work towards a conclusion by weighing the evidence. Also, highlight how certain ideas are accepted, and others are rejected. Your conclusion should provide enough clarity about where you stand.


Add a paragraph dedicated to counterarguments


After you’ve presented your claims, highlight your understanding of the topic by writing a little bit about the contradictory arguments. This is known as a concession or rebuttal, which indicates that you've researched the different sides of the argument. Mention the opposing argument and accept that it consists of some valid points. Then, build your case as to why your perspective is accurate according to the available evidence.Highlighting that you considered other arguments boosts your credibility, or ethos, on the topic.


Use quotes, and summaries for your evidence


To maintain your readers’ interest in your paper, try various means of including your supporting details. Mention the facts in your own words, present a general statement about the details, or incorporate direct quotations. Also, be sure to add citations for the ideas that aren’t your own.


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3 Genuine Sources of Information to Write a Brilliant Paper

There are plenty of reasons why most students aren’t exactly fond of academic writing. You need to study a lot about the topic, prepare original content for it, and then ensure all the guidelines are fulfilled. And most importantly, you need to conduct thorough research every time you are given an academic paper to write. This explains why most students need help writing a paper.


However, you don’t need to spend hours in the library these days to get the research done. In fact, if you can’t get the necessary information you don’t need to avail analytical essay help online. There are numerous resources available online that can deliver the necessary assistance to you on your request. Here are four of the most genuine data banks that you can use for writing your pending academic paper.


#1. Google Scholar


Google Scholar is a search engine from Google that serves you with only scholarly documents on searches. If you like using Google for doing regular searches, you will find this tool quite convenient. It has millions of documents stored in the archives. And as you search with a keyword (for example “thermodynamics”), it floods your screen with links to the documents related to the specific keyword. With this tool by your side, you won’t need to look for the best college essay service online.


#2. Microsoft Academic


If you are looking for an alternative to Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic is a worthy replacement of the researching tool. Quite similar to Google Scholar, this tool also allows you to find scholarly articles, journals, books, thesis, research papers and more in a single search. Also, it has a filtering system that allows you to narrow down the search results as per your requirements. However, the collection of documents in this one is comparatively smaller than Google Scholar.


#3. Websites for statistics


Besides the academic researching tools like Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic, you can also gather a significant amount of data and statistics from the websites of certain companies. Government websites are a great source of reliable information. You can certainly get useful data from their official websites. Besides, there are organizations like Statista, Gartner, and PWC which collect data for public use. And lastly, the websites of reputed newspapers and media houses can also be called reliable sources of data.


If you think those suggestions were not enough, you can always go back to the library. Most national libraries are available online, so you can do your research from the library without leaving your house. And not to forget, the colleges and universities have their very own archives of older journals and research papers, which you can use for further studies.

Source: http://superbanswer.com/forums/topic/3-genuine-sources-of-information-to-write-a-brilliant-paper

Top Tips from Australian Assignment Help Services for International Students

Being home to several good universities, many students land up in Australia to pursue higher studies. However, studying in a country away from home can be quite a challenging task. If students need academic assistance, they can hire Australian assignment help services to cope with new educational standards.


Along with the homesickness, it can be very different for an international student to adapt to the new rules of another country. The lifestyle and the academic norms of Australia are quite different from other countries. Apart from the time differences, there are many other differences than an international student has to adjust oneself with.


Assignment help services of Australia have these few tips for international students that can make their academic life easier for them.


#1. A difference in Language and Diction


For Asian and American students, it can be quite challenging to understand the colloquial vocabulary of the Australians. They have their own way of saying and spelling words. In addition, the daily words they use can be quite different from the words used in other countries. For example, Australians use the word lollies for candies. Students must remember to make sure that they use the correct spellings according to the Australian standards. To get better at this, they can watch Australian TV series and listen to the radio to get the hang of their language.


#2. Simplified paperwork procedures


The Australian government has a simple procedure when it comes to student visas. However simple may it be, students can face problem while drafting all the required documents while applying for a student visa. So, if they have any queries, they can visit the official website of the university or can directly approach the staff and ask for clarifications regarding the procedures.


#3. Different Studying Methods


It becomes tough for an international student to settle into the Australian culture of education. As compared to the austere Asian methods or the formal UK educational methods, the Australian academic norms are quite liberal. The people of Australia are known for their helpful nature, and quite like them, their studying styles provide study guides so that international students can adjust faster to their ways of education. Students can simply ask for help from past students or the local students who have a better grasp of the subject.


#4. Different Gradation System


The most important thing that international students must keep in mind is the way of marking that most Australian universities use to grade the students. Unlike the numerical scores of Asian schools and universities, the universities in Australia use letters to rank the work of a student. Although similar to the American gradation system, the letters used by Australian universities and schools have a different interpretation. The assignment writing services of Australia know precisely how the grades are deciphered. In contrast to the A-B-C gradations of USA, Australians use grades like HD, which stands for high distinction, and D for distinction. CR stands for credit while P means Pass and F stands for Fail.


#5. Work and study together


If allowed by the student visa, an international student pursuing higher studies in Australia can work for a certain period of time to control their expenses. In case of not being able to cope with all the coursework and assignments, students can avail services from the various online essay assignment help websites who deliver excellent papers.


Life can be hard for international students. However, with these tips and the myriad of assignment writing services available online, students can take a break and enjoy their stay in Australia.




Adjusting to new educational norms in Australia can be very difficult for an international student. In this article, we provide a few tips that can help these students to cope with their academic life better.